Nominated Artist - 2021-2022
        (Partial List)

Best Music Video

Get Involved
Already Late
When we were young
Dying Light
Still Here

Most Creative Music Video

"Already Late"
"Dying Light"

Best Feature Documentary
Chopin, Caribbean Key
My Rembetika Blues


Best Actor in Short Film
Jason R. Moore- Honor Among Thieves
Wesley Peters - 54 Years late
Brandon Small wood - Carrier
Bakhtiyar Panjel - Synthesis
Michael Merritt -
Mike Keller- A New York Story


Best Director in Short Film
Paul Schwartz - A New York Story
Ramtin kouchaki - I want to Study
                     - The Other
Mohammad Towvivarian - Synthesis
Alexander Bolecky - Origin
Steve Cosmic - Mona Mee
Sajad Soleymani - 12 O"Clock
Stephanie Alecia/Brandon Small Wood - Carrier
Michele Wright - 54 Years Late

Best Director in Music Video

Andre Joseph "Get Involved"
Jon Barden "Already Late"
Victor Johnsson "When we were young"
Mr. Corazon "Dying Light"
Joe Chilcott "Elevator"
Holly Hollohan " Bridges"


Best Short Documentary
Short life of trouble
Eagle & Hawk Take the stage
90 Days to leave,


Best Director in Documentary
Tomasz Knitter- Agony
M. Zournazi - My Rembetika Blues
Tanmay Srivastava - 90 Days to leave
A. L. Wroblewska- Chopin, Caribbean Key
Woojin Song - 1247
Andrew Wall/Vince Fontaine - Eagle & Hawk


Best Actress in Short Film
Chiara Roberts - Jessie's Gift
Michele Wright - 54 Years Late


Best Cinematography in Short Film
I want to Study
The Other
Honor Among Thieves
54 Years Late
Wake Up

Best Screenplay in Short Film
Paul Schwartz - A New York Story
Sajad Soleymani - 12 O"Clock

Best Sup. Actor in Short Film
Ed Force - Jessie's Gift
Michael B. Tabb -Honor Among Thieves
Lamonte Haynes - Carrier
Ed Setrakian - A New York Story

Best Sup. Actress in Short Film
Shawna Linzy - 54 Years Late
Joan Porter - A New York Story'
Ivy Omeri - A New York Story
Teara Wall -  54 Years Late

Best Actor in Feature Film
Jake Red - Pretty Boy

Best Actress in Feature Film
Sarah French - Pretty Boy
Ruth Callahan - Ruin

Best Director in Feature Film
Jay Mohan - Ruin
Dimitris Bavellas-In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand
Marcel Walz - Pretty Boy
Ed Munter - The Peaceful Revolution
Joe Kaiser - 2020: A Comedy Special

Best Screenplay in Feature Film
Jay Mohan - Ruin
Ed Munter - The Peaceful Revolution
Dimitris/Katerina Kleitsioti - In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand


Best Cinematography in Feature Film
The Peaceful Revolution
2020:A Comedy Special
In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand
Pretty Boy

Best Sup. Actor in Feature Film
Robert Rusler-Pretty Boy
Mihalis Sarantis - In the strange pursuit of Laura Durand
Manoj Balraj - Ruin
Jiju Nair - Ruin

Best Sup. Actress in Feature Film
Maria Olsen -Pretty Boy
Radhika Sajitri - Ruins


Best Actress in DMV  Film
Nicole Wheler
Nayja Nickens
Vie Lowe
Marina Rais

Best Actor in DMV  Film
Joseph Taylor
Gabe Peyton
Lorin Lee
Lyon Beckwith
Jose Pineda
Lance Hill

Best Director in DMV  Film
Connie Lamothe
Jasmine Deanne Andrews
Ron Kelley/Andrew Brooks
Rico Mickens
Ka Zarr Coleman

Best Screenplay in DMV  Film
Rico Mickens
Connie Lamothe
Bill Douglas
Ron Kelley/Andrew Brooks

Best Cinematography  in DMV  Film
Erin Scales
Rico Mickens
Adrew Brooks/Sean Galloury
Ka Zarr Coleman -

Best Sup. Actor in DMV  Film
W. Keith Scott - "Gene"
Lavond Mackey - "Zeke"
Patrick Boyer - "Romeo Must Die Again"
Cedrik Wilkerson -
Robert Christie - Romeon Must Die Again"
W. Keith Scott - "Zeke"
Darrien Rothchild - "To Live & Die in DC"
Chris Luethi
Bruce Dawson - "To Live & Die in DC"

Best Sup. Actress in DMV  Film
Gita McCarthy - "Romeo Must Die Again"
Taylor Marshall
Jaharri Jah - "Zeke"
Johanna Kourouklis - "Gene"
Shakara Monique  - "Gene"
Arlyne Spalla - "Romeo Must Die Again"
Vasti Sadjedy - "To Live & Die in DC"

Best Experimental Film
Parts, Together
Lucid Dreams

Best Animation
Lucid Dreams
Parts, Together
Strongman Sad
Formless Form

First Time Filmmaker
While We live
2020: A Comedy Special
To Live & Die in DC