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In 2009, June Daguiso, a resident of Virginia, began building what would become the World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF). "My mission and objective was to create a platform not only for the DC, Maryland, and Virginia indie filmmakers, but also to provide a platform of achievements for international cinema artists." Since its early beginnings in 2010, WMIFF has continued promoting filmmakers and musicians to a global audience.

We are dedicated to building a global film community and supporting emerging filmmakers. WMIFF has continued to strive and improve on its mission to promote and provide opportunities for artists of all genres to hone their skills and gain access to opportunities via our events, promotions, and networking opportunities.

Frank Cisco “STEEL” Anderson

(Multi Grammy Nominees)


Based in the US, STEEL's story is one of glory & triumph. A survivor of   the American crack wars in the 80’s, STEEL was raised, and emerged, from the hoods of Maryland, via the Washington DC Metro Area: the DMV.  Second son of a stone mason, and evangelical gospel singer, Sister Erma Anderson, it was hard to get attention in the middle of 4 other siblings, and so STEEL turned to music, and sports, as his outlet. Growing up, STEEL sang in Gospel groups, played some piano, Go-Go and jazz trombone during the school years, while working in construction during the hot southern summers on the Piedmont Plateau. This hard work ethic allowed STEEL to attend George Washington University on NROTC scholarship, which began his legacy in music, with the rap group Dysfunkshunal Family. In between serving, globally, 10 years as a Naval officer, STEEL branched into other genres of music, such as rock, and Caribbean, and upon his release from military duty in 05’, returned home to the DMV, joined the Grammys as a voting member, and started DJ’ing, an indie label, Ellorenz Records, and linked up with a new burgeoning film production company, MJD Productions, and became one of their musical supervisors as well as assistant with the now, world famous, 10 year old, World Music Independent Film Festival, founded by my entertainment brother, Master June Daguiso.  So proud of you June, keep up the great work, and helping other dreamers, like ourselves, dreams come true on the big screen!  Stay tuned for more. . 

Arlyne Spalla is a Mom of 4 from Yorktown, VA.  She is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, health coach, entertainer at Busch Gardens, and Actress.  She teaches Boot Camp, Zumba, Kickboxing, spinning, TRX, and more.  Arlyne works part-time as a counselor/personal trainer for a Bariatric Surgeon.  She is a seasonal entertainer at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, where she works on the Howl-O-Scream scare squad and at Christmas Town. She is a L.A.M.P. (Laughter as Medicine Production) actress.  They are a comedy/theatre group that performs on stage every 3 months.  Arlyne has acted in several June Daguiso short films including, "A Lyon's Heart", "Romeo Must Die", and "Serial Madness." Episode 1 which she won best supporting actress in a short film in 2017. She also has acted in the short films, "Purgatory's Table" and "Raleigh Street UFO." She is passionate about acting and wants to continue to pursue it because of the creative challenge and all the amazing, talented people she gets to meet and work with. Arlyne hosted the 9th annual WMIFF Awards 2017 that was held in the West Caribbean.

Kendra “DJ K-LA” Anderson started playing Piano at the age of 5, trombone at the age of 7, and then guitar at 12. By High school she was All-State and National in Classical and Big Band Music, she continued to learn new instruments and other genres such as Latin Jazz, Blues, and Disco/Funk. Her musical talents earned her a full scholarship to Grambling State University as a member of the World Famed GSU Tiger Marching Band. Some of her performances included the Bayou Classic, various commercials, and Super Bowl 32 Half time Show. In addition she has played with Pieces of a Dream, numerous churches, and house bands. After Graduation, she worked 2 years as an assistant band director for local high schools, while becoming an entrepreneur in event coordination, ballroom dancing, and decorating/jewelry making. She caught the eye of her mentor, DJ POP and successfully entered into full time event production. Gifted with a set of speakers and 2 Nano iPods, DJ K-LA was born. DJ K-LA is now the Director of Stage Production for the WMIFF, Stage Manager for the Miss Intercontinental and Miss Ethiopia USA pageants, Director of Music and Production for Girl Get Your Life (GGYL) Woman’s empowerment conference. She has done multiple events both nationally and internationally, from San Francisco, Cancun, Trinidad and Tobago, and Toronto. From Charity events, speaking engagements, to wedding coordination and making costumes for Carnival.DJ K-LA hopes to continue supporting the diversity and positive vibes of life.

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