12th Annual Submission:

Lyon of Judah Legacy Written by Frank Anderson

To Live & Die in DC: Based on a true story by Lance Hill

Eye witnessed: Believe what you cannot see: Based on a true story by Patrick Elizabeth Sims

My Name's Macbeth (Screenplay)

Flip Side (Short Film)

Remote Viewing (Experimental)

The One and only Jewish Miss America (Feature Documentary)

Infinite Love (Experimental)

The Price (Feature)

Juicy Girl (Short)

Play Music, Play Game (Women Filmmaker)

The Widow (R & B)

The Mayberry Effect (Feature Documentary)

My Autopsy (Feature Film)

Promise (Screenplay)

Little French Fish (Women Filmmaker)

Daddy's Home (Short Film)

Locked Up (Pop Music Video)

Try Again (Pop Music Video)

Invisible Child (Feature Documentary)

Breathe - (Pop Music Video)

The Day of the Wrath - (Feature Film)

Life is Beautiful (Experimental)

Inverted Gloaming (Alternative Rock Music Video)

Gabrielle (Short)

Diagnosing Healthcare (Feature Doc.)

Bakla (Short Film)

Dehlight (Short Doc.)

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur (Women Filmmaker)

Pendulum (First Director)

Terror from the light (Short)

The Traveler (Feature )

The Voicemail (Short)

A Cambodian Winter (Feature/SE)

The Service (Short Film)

The Revivalists: Made In Muscle Shoals ( Short Doc.)

Modem (Short Film)

All Over Again (Short)

Fear of the Real (Short Doc.)

Amazing Grace (Music Video)

Lost Horse (Women Filmmaker)

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