14th Annual WMIFF Awards Nominees

Best Feature Documentary

Omar Sos 88 well tuned drum
Sing my song
El Arena
Walter Hus, A musical journey

Best Short Documentary

The Choice
Let's Talk about it
Silent Night

Best Director in Documentary

Barbara Medajska
Fritz Algner - Chameleon
Kay Rubacek - Finding Courage
Astrid Mertens - Walter Hus A Musical Journey
Barbara K. Lee- Sing My Song
Mohammad Sadeg Esmaell - Giseloo
Soren Sorensten - Omar Sosa 88 Well Tuned Drums
Mansoureth Radek - The Choice
Ali Shahmohamadi - Let's Talk about it

Best Experimental Film

Oedipus Rex
When It's Your Turn 2- Surprise birthday
Inspire us
As You Were
42 Ideas of Maat
Bill Murray lost in Burlinale

Women Filmmaker (Partial List)

It's not about me
Now You know, Ey!
Waltz of The Strong

First time Filmmaker (Partial List)

To Wade or Row
Oklahoma Breakdown
Dental plan
Lion of Judah Legacy

Best Original Song/ Instrumental(Partial List)

Best Script Short-Feature (Partial List)

Missing Children
This is Our Time
Back to 1964
Score Runners 2
Night Skies

Home Alone

Best Animation(Partial List)

A'ha Egg Cake
My Imaginary Teacher


Best Music Video

Tik Tok Rollie Viet Mix
Stay Busy


Best Director in Music Video

Gaofeng Tian - "Belong"
Andre Joseph - "Angelina"
Linh Manh Tong - "Tik- Tok Rollie Viet Mix"
Sandy Verona- "Running"
Nick Faltz - "Stay Busy"


Best Director in DMV Films (DC-Maryland-Virginia)

Morris Small - Detective MJ 2
Rico Mickens - Runners 2
Aaron Goodmiller- Left Finger
Ricko Mickens - Gene 3
Debbie Camper - It's Not About Me
Adeyemi Lardner - Replaced
Jasmine Deanne  Andrews - Crumble Part 2

Best Cinematography in DMV Film

Jerome Hyde - It's Not About Me
Rico Mickens - Runners 2
Jose Pineda/Gie Zapanta - Return of Jade Brooks
Morris Small - Detective MJ 2
Adeyemi Lardner - Replaced


Best Supporting Actress in DMV Film
                (Partial List)


Ashley Van Landing - Runners 2
Shanice Richards - Runners 2
Yvonnne Paretzky - It's Not About Me
Tammy Barboza - Lion of Judah Legacy
Adialin Bangura - Replaced
Faye Jones - Gene 3
Emma Dyfan - Replaced
Donna Sibley - Runners 2
Bella Levy - Return of Jade Brooks
Vie Lowe - Gene 3
Amy Young - Return of Jade Brooks


Best Actor in DMV Film

Frank Cisco Anderson - Lion of Judah Legacy
Chris Wargo - Runners 2
Morris Small - Detective MJ 2
Peter Cloutier - Left Finger
Aref Dajani - Lion of Judah Legacy
Adeyemi Lardner - Replaced
Adrian Silas - It's Not About Me


Best Supporting Actor in DMV Film

John Thompson -Detective MJ 2
Jason Bryce -       Runners 2
Lee Sturdivant - Lion of Judah Legacy
Robel Ameha - Runners 2
Terry Briscoe -   Lion of Judah Legacy

Justin Bryce -      Runners 2
Lorin Lee -           Runners 2       
Anthony Walker - It's Not About Me
Mokito Mansaray -  Replaced
Juan Harrington - It's Not About Me
Michael Embry Sr. - Return of Jade Brooks
Aundre Pearson - Runners 2

Best Actor in Short Film -DMV

Chris Wargo - Gene 3
Marcus Jai Evans - Crumble Part 2
David Witt - Gene 3
Theophilus Knight - Crumble Part 2
W. Keith Scott - Gene 3

Best Actress in Short Film -DMV

Sharon Toliver - Gene 3
Arlyne Spalla - Serial Madness -Episode 9 "Randy"
Vie Lowe - Gene 3
Donna Sibley - Gene 3

Best Actress in DMV Film

Chivonnie Gius - Lion of Judah Legacy
Monica Leigh - Detective MJ 2
Crystal Day - Left Finger
Joy White - Runners 2
Kelsey Gooden - It's Not About Me
Memonatu Jalloh - Replaced
Athena Smith - Return of Jade Brooks


Best Screenplayin Short/Feature Film -DMV

Eric Espejo - Left Finger
Frank Cisco Anderson - Lion of Judah Legacy
Debbie Camper - It's Not About Me
Rico Mickens - Gene 3
Jasmine Deanne Andrews - Then Sings My Soul


Best Actor in Short Film - (Partial List)

Rick Grayson - I Am Of You
Christian Howard- Jack & Blue
Oliver Feaster - Dismissal Time
Amir Jafari - A Poetess
Amin Zare - A Borrowed Life
Brandon Smallwood - Jump
Eric Emerick - To Wade or Row
Sahra Fathi - A Poetess
Ramnarayan Garg - Boomerang
Carle Atwater - Apple Core
Micah Fitzgerald - Jack & Blue

Best Actress in Short Film -(Patial List)

Lisa Regina - Dismissal Time
Saba Rostani - A Borrowed Life
Aysan Ghanbari - Suite Night
Kanea Blokland - To Wade or Row
Shiva Shabani - Playback
Elaina Braverman - Serial Madness- "Randy"


Best Sup. Actress in Short Film(Partial List)

Cody Renee Cameron
Sheila Morgan - To Wade or Row
Lisa Simpson Hoover - Apple Core
Jane Waldman - Serial Madness - Episode 9 "Randy"


Best Sup. Actor in Short Film (Partial List)

Nathan Shaffer - I Am Of You
Jay Pastelak
Kyle Lowder - Jack & Blue
Viki Taak - Boomerang


Best Director  in Short Film

Molly Hollohan - I Am Of You
Katherine Sheyno - Jack & Blue
Robert Bruce Ing - A Woman's Voice
Frederick Valentin
Andre Joseph
Iris Elaine Almaraz -
Sahra Fathi -A Poetess
Stephanie Alecia Rose - Jump
Rebecca Van Der Meulen - To Wade or Row
Pouya Aghelizadeh - Playback
Rajeev Bhatia - Boomerang


Best Cinematography  in Short Film(Partial List)


Caitlin Schmitz - To Wade or Row
Harish Chhabraa -Boomerang
Women on Feba
Mike Wilson - Apple Core


Best Screenplay  in Short Film

Holly Mollohan - I Am Of You
Katherine Sheyno - Jack & Blue
Andre Joseph
Sahra Fathi - A Poetess
Rebecca Van Der Meulen - To Wade or Row
Armyn Naderi
Mahtab Pishghadam - Suite Night
Donny Regal - 42 Ideals of Matt
Shima Mohammad Beigi - Zaghchi
Patrick James Thomas - Apple Core


Best Cinematography  in Feature Film
      (Partial List)


Best Screenplay  in Feature Film (Partial List)

Mozhdeh Shaban - The Boarding House
Sara Stunt - Obsessions
Jacek Raginis - Krolikiewicz -Oedipus Rex

Best Director  in Feature Film (Partial List)

Aashish Chanana  Obsessions
Wayne Diu - Dental Plan
Maryam Ebrahimvand - The Boarding House
Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz - Oedipus Rex

Best Actor  in Feature Film

Marek Nedza - Oedipus Rex
Bobby Slaski - Obsessions
Travis Ranta


Best Actress  in Feature Film

Agnieszka Wosinska - Oedipus Rex
Olga Safari- Obsessions
Jennifer Vallance -The Dental Plan
Soodabeh Beizai - The Boarding House


Best Sup. Actor  in Feature Film (Partial list)

Mariusz Jakus
Kevin Bernstein -  Obsessions


Best Sup. Actress  in Feature Film (Partial List)

Andrea Figliomeni - Obsessions
Emma Geleynse


Best Editor (Partial List)

Aashish Chanana - Obsessions
Szymon Sabaranski - Oedipus Rex

First Time Acting (Partial List)

Aref Dajani - Lion of Judah Legacy
Jason Bryce - Runners 2
Athena Smith - Return of Jade Brooks
Chancellor Thompson - Runners 2
Erma H. Anderson - Lion of Judah Legacy
Vie Lowe - Runners 2 
Lorin Lee - Runners 2

Jasmine Goodard - Lion of Judah Legacy
Justin Bryce - Runners 2