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15th Annual WMIFF Awards Nominees

Best Feature Documentary

The Dogmatics
Gladiators of Educations
Motherhood of Captives
Patou: In Black & White
Tiki Taane sessions with CSO
Kirtan Peace Vibration with Spirit Soul & Friends
The Breath

Best Short Documentary

Birth of the song
Street Photographer
Washing the Knives
Searching for Chuck

Best Feature Documentary in music
Minstrel of the sacred
Cuba my soul
North of Nashville
Hopa Hide
Steve Roach
Bronx Banda


Best Director in Documentary
Sebastian Bauer - Hoplove
Craig Miller/Pedro Pulido
Adam Bowman
Petr Nuska
Kurt Lancaster
Taylor Kraus
Maryam Ebrahimvand
Rudy Childs

Best Experimental Film

The Other
They Kill

Best Animation Film
Sock Puppets

Best Original Soundtract

Spells before destiny
Happen to happen
Our stories
Snow White
Perth Fiction for Chamber Orchestra

Message to self
Tiki Taane Sessions with CSO

First-time Filmmaker

First Time
Something Divine
9 Nights

Best Script Short-Feature (Partial List)

The Quilt
Osiris & Nefertiti
"My Private Line to God"
Pressure Pleasure  Pain

Best Director in Music Video
Sean Breitkreutz - Mavi
Richard Hall - Backstreet Baby
Adam Lukowski - Ego
Gaofeng Tian - Ningkong
Gaofeng Tian - Belong
Rudy Childs - Kingdom of Tyrants
Blacksmith Rose/K. Foster/Karen Foster
Michael Kirton/Eric Heiland - Divinationa

Best Music Video

Die Lieve
Kingdom of Tyrants
They don't make Em like Willie Anymore

Best Southwestern Director in Short Film

Behrad Ezzati - Braille
Mansour Salavati - Ink Painting
Maryam Weiss - The Pledge
Aida Tebiannian - Witness
Saeed Bojnordi - Cocoon
Sahand Khalaj - Another Day
Daniel Abroushan - Correction Fluid


Best Cinematography in Southwestern Film
Ink Painting
Another Day



Best Writer in SouthWestern Film

Barzan Rostami - Exchange
Mohhamaddreza Sattari - Stopwatch
Majid Halvael - The Dream
Hamid Yousefi - Sphinx
Ali Riahee


Best Actress in SouthWestern Film

Mashid Delavari - Ink Painting
Sahra Asadollashi - Spasm
Fatemeh Masouddifar - Witness
Pegah Saeedi

Best Actor in SouthWestern Film
Milad Shajareh - Cocoon
Saman Tohidi - Correctional Fluid
Pedram Zamani


Best Cinematography  in Feature  Film

Mike Stern Sterzynski -  A time for summer
Tiki Taae Sessiong with CSO


Best Screenplay  in Feature Film 
Scott Deschaine - Draculaw
Allan Nicholls - Dead Ringer
Katyayani Devi Dasi Thakurani - Kirtan Peace


Best Director  in Feature Film 
Scott Deschaine - Draculaw
Jack Raginis - A time for summer
Allan Nicholls - Dead Ringer


Best Actor  in Feature Film
Joshua Greene - Draculaw
Lucasz Lewandowski - A time for summer
Marvin lee Aday - Dead Ringer


Best Actress  in Feature Film
Sarah Lyn Dewey - Draculaw
Ewa Konstanja Bulhak - A time for summer


Best Sup. Actor  in Feature Film 
James Donahue - Draculaw
Josh Mostel - Dead Ringer

Best Actor  in Short  Film 
Kryzrsztof Pazdtiora - Forgotten Song
Roman Gribkov - The Reunion
Spencer Bang - A house for my family
Joe Niborski - Bus Stops
Kevin Duffy - Spider-Girl


Best Actress  in Short  Film 
Dana Cantor - A Memory
Irina Balai - The Reunion
Alexandria Rey - Good Girl
Maja Kosko - Forgotten song

Elaina Braiverman - Spider Girl

Best Screenplay  in Short  Film 
Harley Dercher- Good Girl
Lolita Naronovich - The Reunion
Tim Luna- Thirty 2

Serkan Aktas - Resurrection under the ocean
Akisa M - Destiny
Vincent Seng - A Memory

Best Cinematography  in Short  Film 
Weronika Bednarczyk - Forgotten Song
Nick & Andrea The Verdick
Arturo Cho - Thirty 2
Nicholas Dilullo - A house for my family
Whatever happened to Jimmy Faith
The Reunion
Mark Waldman/Manny Weathers - Spider Girl


Best Director  in Short  Film (Partial List)
Monica Grzybonski - Forgotten Song
Jenny Kleisman - Good Girl
Nick Andrea/Gary Swan - Nick & Andrea The Verdict

Tim Luna- Thirty 2

Benjamin Pollack - Whatever happen to Johnny Faith
Merrick Apple Pressar - 18th Tuesday


Best Cinematography  in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 

Head Huncho
Lance Hill/Wendy Hill

Jeremy Butler
Rico Mickens

Jordan Miller


Best Screenplay  in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 

Malkaiah Mehlek/Kiana Livingston
Edwin Maker
Lance Hil
Rick Kain
Stef Suh/Vincent Seng

Best Actor in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 

Sterling Morse
Troy Martin
Theophilus Knight
Chris Wargo
Curt Rose
Arthur E
Rick Kain


Best Supp. Actor in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 

Brad Eaton
John Comedian Thompson
Edwin Maker Jr.
Dwight Howard
Marcus Evans
Rico Mickens -Autonomous
Rory Smith - Hot Boyz
Rico Mickens - Hot Boyz
Vince Eisenson - The Last Epic Ride

Best Actress  in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 
Beanie - Crazy Love
Trinity Antoc Bosley - "Trinity"
Katelyn Patterson - Stripped from insanity
Bella Levy - Dangerous Deadly number
Nitz Ring - Aswang 2022
Olivia Keu - Stripped from insanity

Imelda Antoc Bosley - Aswang 2022
Sharon Toliver - Autonomous
Karen Cook- Hot Boyz
Dana Cantor - A Memory

Best Supp. Actress  in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 

Linda Whiting - Stripped from insanity
Imelda Antoc Bosley - Trinity
Jaszy Mango- Stripped From Insanity

Lexy Lexx - Crazy Love
Vie Lowe - Autonomous
Joy White - Hot Boyz
Ester Ferman - Hot Boyz


Best Director  in Short/Feature  Film = DMV 
Sharrie McCain
Lance Hill/Wendy Moore Hill
Rick Kain
James Harris
Rico Mickens - Hot Boyz

Rico Mickens - Autonomous
Stef Suh- A Memory

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