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Best Supporting Role (Male) - Feature

Best Supporting Role (Female) - Feature

Best Screenplay - Student Film

Best Cinematography Student Film

Best Director - Student Film

Best Student Film

Best Original Sound - Short

Best Cinematography - Short

Best Supporting Actor Role - Short

Best Supporting Actress Role - Short

Best Director - Short

Best Actor - Short

Best Director Documentary - Short

Best Screenplay Documentary - Short

Best Screenplay - Short

Best Actress - Short

Best Original Soundtrack - Feature

Best Cinematographer - Feature

Best Cinematography - Documentary Feature

Best Original Sound in Documentary Feature

Best Director - Documentary Feature

Best Documentary - Short

Best Documentary - Feature
Best Screenplay - Feature

Best Cinematography In Music Videos

Best Animation in Music Videos

Best Pop In Music Videos

Best Documentary Music - Feature

Best Reggae

Best R&B

Best Country

Best Gospel/Christian Music Video

Best Rock Music Video

Best Alternative Rock Music Video

Best Hip-Hop Music Video

Most Creative Music Video

Best Director Music Video

Best Director-Feature Film

Best Actor-Feature Film

Best Actress - Feature Film

Best Horror/Thriller - Feature Film

Best Comedy - Feature Film

Best Action – Feature Film

Best Drama - Feature Film

WMIFF Viewer's Choice Award for Music Video

WMIFF Viewer's Choice Award for Movie Trailer

Christopher Springer, Drawing With Chalk

Vicki Hartford, Boxing Day

Cornelius Murphy, Breadwinner

Chris Byler, Saab Story

Olivia Martychenco, Strangers

Saab Story

All in the Row

Anup Sugunan, A Way Back In

Phil Amico, The Patient

Delane Matthews, A Way Back In

Connie Lamothe, Rosie's Miracle

Rick Haymes, Subcon

Kat Moon, Crab Feast of Famine

Kat Moon, Crab Feast of Famine

Rob Hamilton, The Patient

Holly Anderson, A Way Back In

Drawing With Chalk

Nigel Bluck, Handsome Harry

Bakhtiari Alphabet

Sound of Tibet: Awakening Kindness

Dirk Simon, When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun

7 Solos

When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun
Nicholas Proferes, Handsome Harry

Woodward, Switch Hit Resistor Tic Tac Toe

Middle Distance Runner, The Unbeliever

Spuknoff, Going Nowhere

Sound of Tibet: Awakening Kindness

Jusa Dementor, Air Horn Dance

Lazajuan, Ur So Gonna Miss Me

Kelley Dalton, Let Me In

Josh Caldwell, Never Be Alone

Flying Machines, On a Whim

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass

Ty Bless, Freakin It

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass

Deco Dawson, On A Whim

John Putch, Route 30

Todd Giglio, Drawing with Chalk

Geraldine Lemay, Lilly’s Thorn

Dead Land 2

Boxing Day

Money Makers

Handsome Harry

Braam, Burlington Northern

Dead Lands 2

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