12th Annual WMIFF Awards @ Crystal City Hilton- Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021 Starts at 1:00 PM till 3:30 PM (Live Streaming/Virtual Festival)

 Entertainment  -Special Guests & Performers

Arlyne Spalla is a Mom of 4 from Yorktown, VA.  She is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, health coach, entertainer at Busch Gardens, and Actress.  She teaches Boot Camp, Zumba, Kickboxing, spinning, TRX, and more.  Arlyne works part-time as a counselor/personal trainer for a Bariatric Surgeon.  She is a seasonal entertainer at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, where she works on the Howl-O-Scream scare squad and at Christmas Town. She is a L.A.M.P. (Laughter as Medicine Production) actress.  They are a comedy/theatre group that performs on stage every 3 months.  Arlyne has acted in several June Daguiso short films including, "A Lyon's Heart", "Rome Must Die", and "Serial Madness."  She also has acted in the short films, "Purgatory's Table" and "Raleigh Street UFO." She is passionate about acting and wants to continue to pursue it because of the creative challenge and all the amazing, talented people she gets to meet and work with. 


Vietta Lowe is a committed mother and wife who loves volunteering at all community organizations and her local church. Her platform surrounds addiction of which she feels so passionate and heartfelt in making a difference that she has created her own non-profit organization, called Zaylah’s Cause which is based upon not only helping adults with addiction but also providing a united transitional temporary alternative to housing for children who have suffered from losing their family or home due to addiction, abuse or circumstances beyond their control., 

She also owns and operates her own construction company, EaZy Construction Inc, with her husband Paul of 33 years.

In addition to being a committed wife, Mother and grandmother, Vietta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.


Vietta Lowe, Mrs. Virginia Woman, Miss Royalty International 

National Pageant July 29-August 1 2021

Jane Chua 4.jpg

Jane Chua ( FOUNDER /CEO of JCC INTERNATIONAL TALENT AGENCY LLC)  and JCC PRODUCTIONS LLC - has been involved in the field of  recruitment of performing artistes for more than 16 years Worldwide and has had extensive experience in the Asian region particularly in Malaysia and other South East Asia countries such as China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Middle East, India,Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia,Myanmar and Australia.

Under her expertise, she was responsible for recruiting musical group for prestigious  hotels and Resort group International. Thus, the company supplies all models of entertainment to the Hotel Industry.


With a B.S.B.A degree majoring Accountancy and a computer programmer, She first ventured into the world of print media, fashion shows, an international performing artist (Singer), Independent Film Producer, Lead Actress in FEATURED FILM “BRING ME THE HEAD OF JADE BROOKS (Action) An ACTRESS and ENTREPRENEUR! A nominated as DMV Best actress in WMIFF - WORLD MUSIC and INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2018 and WMIFF WINNER for Best WOMEN IN FILM 2020.


She explore her great  ability in Human resource International being an International Manpower Consultant to International Entertainment Consultant. Ms Chua relocated in the United States of  America and continues her involvement in Music  Promotion, Club Promotion, Event Planning (Locally and Abroad), Hosting Events, Coordinating Corporate and Government Events and Gala's as well as wedding planning services. She also takes great pride in volunteering her spare time with local fund raising efforts and church events.

John Antron(Comedian).jpg

Born and raised in Washington DC. He started doing comedy on February 9, 2011 at Big Mouth Comedy Club, where he entered a comedy competition and won first place. Since then he have thrilled audiences around the world at venues like The Laugh Factory, Flappers Comedy Club, The Riot Act Comedy Theater, New York Broadway Comedy Club and Dar Constitution Hall. He starred in a variety show called "Laugh To Stop From Crying". He played a role in a comedy skit called "Abused Black Men". He did a TV show called "For My Man" on TVOne. Also played a role in award winning short films called "Detective MJ" and part 2 of "Detective MJ: Shadow of a Hero". My fans have nicknamed me "The Preacher", I guess you can say I move the crowd! #COMEDYYOUCANFEEL 

John Thompson

Tone Butta Soldier Of Christ.jpg


 (Born August 7,1989) better known by his stage name "Tone Butta" is a Soul Rap Recording Artist, Actor, Advocate, and also a Poet from Washington D.C.

Raised in the Urban parts of the Nation's Capital, Tone Butta is a talented & gifted young man who couldn't seem to shake the enticing and dangerous lifestyle of the streets. Always keeping his pen and pad by his side as he grew older, he found an outlet from the troublesome activities of the street life in the District Of Columbia and wrote rhymes & poetry every chance that he could get. After many face to face encounters with death, also struggles with depression & suicide, and many other troubles & afflictions that he faced growing up, he finally decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.

GOD began to change not only his way of living but also his talent to Rap from negative & corruptible, to positive & testimonial. Now he is on a mission to be a light to those who are still stuck in the dark & dangerous lifestyle that he once lived by using his GOD given gift to Rap, Act & speak poetry in a divine & impactful way, being relatable to those who have took a walk on both sides of the fence, Good and Bad.


 Tone Butta's music captivates his listeners with a unique delivery, sharing the testimonies of his life experiences in every song, spitting clever & thought provoking lyrics about his faith, life lessons that he learned, and the hardships that he endured growing up in the D.M.V area, as well as real life problems & situations that we as people in society go through everyday. Tone BuTTa's style is very unique, diverse & eclectic, and although he delivers with a very street savvy & soulful sound, there are substantial messages in every one of his songs, and the main message that he always shares with his listeners is how GOD delivered him from a dark lifestyle of evil & wickedness to save his Soul.

Adeyemi 2.jpg


Adeyemi Lardner (Sierra Leone)

William Rogers.jpg

William Rogers

Gwen Rogers.jpg

Gwen Rogers

Frank Anderson.jpg

Frank "Steel" Anderson

Multi Grammy Nominees

Morris Small.jpg

Morris Small

Writer,Producer,Director, Actor & Winner of WMIFF Awards 2019

jasmine .jpg

Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Writer,Producer, Director & 2020 Winner of WMIFF Awards

Aaron Sampson.jpg

Aaron Sampson

Writer,Producer, Director & 2020 Winner of WMIFF Awards

Kathi Muhammad.jpg

Kathi Muhammad

Donna Grigsby Sibley.jpg

Donna Grigsby Sibley

Mrs. Virginia 2020


Aja Yet- Writer, Producer, Director


KHADIJAH DEEN is a motivational speaker, philanthropist,designer,actress and entrepreneur.

Tone Butta.jpg

Ryleigh Elizabeth Jordan is an aspiring and ambitious singer and actor. She is a 14 year old honor student at Doddridge County Middle School in West Virginia. Ryleigh is represented by Connie Lamothe of CCLTalent. She was recently seen in the JCFilms movie “The Bridge” as Carson. She enjoys performing, traveling, the outdoors and meeting new people from around the world.

Lance Picture.jpg

Lance Hill-

Sharon Toliver.jpg


D.M.V Dance Duo "L.A" and D.M.V Praise Dancer, Actress & Comedian "

Darlene Smith


William Powell.jpg
David Freer.jpg

David Scott Freer

William Powell -

Aaron Sampson.jpg

Aaron Sampson - Writer,Producer, Director

Taous Bennai.jpg

Taous Bennai

Cassandra 1.jpg